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Horror Universe Best Picture Statute

Horror Universe Best Picture Statute

Welcome to the first year of the HU Awards.  Normally, a horror movie would NEVER make it to the Academy Awards “Best Picture” category.  Sure, there are exceptions (“Silence of the Lambs”, “The Exorcist”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, “Annie Hall”).  But this nominations are few and far between.  Now YOU get to choose!

Was 2014 a banner year for amazing horror movies?  Probably not.  But there were horror movies!  And that says something.  The genre persists, and we are happy about that.  The more horror movies that do well, the more studios want them produced.  Quality writers and directors follow, and soon we’ll have another character like Hannibal Lector portrayed by a tremendously powerful actor like Anthony Hopkins.  So do your part.  You are the Academy!

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10 Horror Movies That Won Academy Awards

When I go to the movies, I don’t want to be asked to make moral decisions in my mind, taught a lesson (other than good always triumphs) or become emotionally involved with the characters I’m watching on the screen.  I want to forget my daily stressors and watch explosions, car chases, spacecraft, heck…even something scary.

So for those of us who go to see a movie with the full intent of escapism, watching the Academy Awards can be a drag.  Mostly because we’re faced with watching a roster of movies, while contain some artistic merit, wouldn’t be the first movie I would re-watch.

That said, the good folks over at Dread Central have compiled a list you might think improbable:  10 horror films that were not only nominated, but WON academy awards.


“Savaged” is now “Avenged”!

In 2013, a gruesome little revenge horror film made it’s way to a limited release.  “Savaged”, written and directed by Michael S. Ojeda will find it’s way to a re-release and a new, more appealing title.

The plot is somewhat akin to “The Crow”: an innocent deaf girl (is being deaf important to the protagonist’s character?  Not sure, but anyway) is brutally murdered by a gang of ne’re-do-wells who receive their comeuppance when the spirit of a Native American warrior’s spirit takes over her body and she’s out for revenge.

Look for a mid-2015 release.  Here’s the trailer with it’s former title.  Enjoy.