April 2024

Christopher Walken’s Best Role Came With An Unforgettable Slap In The Face

Christopher Walken’s best role is also one that came with a serious physical commitment.

DeForest Kelley Made A Change To Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy In The Voyage Home

Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy experienced an attitude adjustment toward a particular character in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, thanks to actor DeForest Kelley.

Ryan Gosling ‘Blacked Out’ In Fear During One Of The Fall Guy’s Stunts

Ryan Gosling had to overcome a fear of heights to perform one of the stunts in The Fall Guy.

The 2024 Summer Movie Box Office Is Burdened By Unreasonable Expectations

Given how poor the first quarter of the year has gone at the box office, the 2024 summer box office season now has an unfair amount of ground to make up.

Ruh Roh: A Scooby-Doo Live-Action Drama Series Is Coming To Netflix

Mystery Inc. is making the leap to live-action again, this time with a Scooby-Doo Netflix series being backed by Arrowverse maestro Greg Berlanti.

Alden Ehrenreich Joins Horror Movie ‘Weapons’ from the Director of ‘Barbarian’

The new horror movie from New Line Cinema and director Zach Cregger (Barbarian), the upcoming Weapons is assembling an impressive cast, with Josh Brolin (Dune 2) and Julia Garner (The Royal Hotel) recently signing on. Deadline reports today that Alden Ehrenreich (Cocaine Bear) is the latest actor to join the cast of Cregger’s new movie.

The upcoming Weapons is from writer/director Zach Cregger, who will also produce alongside his Barbarian producing team: Roy Lee of Vertigo and J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures. Vertigo’s Miri Yoon also produces.

The Hollywood Reporter teases, “Plot details for Weapons are being kept holstered but it is described as a multi and inter-related story horror epic that tonally is in the vein of Magnolia, the 1999 actor-crammed showcase from filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.”

Cregger was a founding member and writer for the New York comedy troupe “The Whitest Kids U’Know,” which he started while attending The School of Visual Arts. The award-winning group’s self-titled sketch comedy show ran for five seasons on IFC-TV and Fuse. He was also a series regular on Jimmy Fallon’s NBC series “Guys with Kids” and the TBS hit series “Wrecked,” and was featured in a recurring role on the NBC series “About a Boy.”

Weapons will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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‘Reckoner’ – Noomi Rapace Starring in Psychological Thriller

When the project was originally announced, Christina Hendricks was set to star in Reckoner, but Deadline lets us know that Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) has taken over the leading role.

The site reports this afternoon, “Prometheus and Constellation star Rapace is replacing Christina Hendricks who is no longer attached due to scheduling conflicts, we understand.”

Nissar Modi (Z for Zachariah) is writing and directing Reckoner.

“The plot will follow an affluent woman whose carefully constructed life is disrupted by a young man connected to a tightly-held secret from her past.”

The film is based on a short story written by Rachel Ingalls.

XYZ Films and Two & Two Pictures are producing.

“We are immensely excited to join forces with an exceptionally talented team for Reckoner. It is an honour to have Noomi Rapace on board to complement Nissar’s electrifying directorial debut,” Two & Two Pictures said in an official statement shared by Deadline today.

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‘Alien’ (1979) and ‘The Mummy’ (1999) Just Battled at the Box Office; Which One Came Out On Top?

It was a very interesting weekend at the box office here in the United States. While the Sam Raimi-produced action-thriller Boy Kills World failed to make a splash and Radio Silence’s hugely entertaining vampire movie Abigail continues to make far less money than it deserves, two genre movies from the distant past managed to make their own mark on the charts.

Both Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror classic Alien and the Brendan Fraser-starring action-horror movie The Mummy (1999) were re-released into theaters, the former film celebrating its 45th anniversary and the latter movie returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary.

Which film came out on top, you might be wondering? The original Alien won this particular battle, coming in at #11 on the weekend charts. The Mummy currently sits in the #14 spot.

While Alien scared up $1,563,000 in its re-release weekend and The Mummy pulled in a bit less at $1,040,000, it’s important to note that Alien received a wider release. Alien found its way into 1,750 theaters, while The Mummy was re-released into 1,236 theaters. If released in the same amount of theaters, it’s pretty safe to say those numbers would be even closer.

The bigger story here is that Alien – a 45 year old movie – made just about as much this past weekend as Boy Kills World ($1,675,475), a new release that opened in 1,993 theaters. It’s a testament to the enduring power of both Alien and The Mummy that they each had million dollar weekends all these years later, and a reminder that theaters provide something extra special to audiences that they can’t quite get from streaming and physical media releases at home. If theaters are playing something audiences actually want to see, they will show up.

Both Alien and The Mummy are still playing in theaters as we start a brand new week, so be sure to check your local listings if you’re eager to revisit them on the biggest screen possible.

They’re now playing for a limited time only.

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Murderous May: 10 New Horror Movies You Don’t Want to Miss in May 2024

The return of a fan favorite franchise, the critically acclaimed new movie from a modern day genre visionary, and a slasher from the perspective of the Jason Voorhees-like killer.

It’s all headed our way in the coming weeks. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Here’s all the new horror releasing in theaters and at home in May 2024!

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I Saw the TV Glow Review


Fresh off the haunting and singularly creepy indie We’re All Going to the World’s FairJane Schoenbrun is back with A24‘s I Saw the TV Glow, releasing only in theaters May 3.

In I Saw the TV Glow, “Owen is just trying to make it through life in the suburbs when his classmate introduces him to a mysterious TV show — a vision of a supernatural world beneath their own. In the pale glow of the television, Owen’s view of reality begins to crack.”

Meagan Navarro wrote in her Sundance review for BD, “I Saw the TV Glow offers a layered and authentic portrait of identity, wrapped in ’90s nostalgia and surreal imagery that embeds itself deep into your psyche.” Meagan continues, “Schoenbrun delivers a singular vision of arthouse horror that entrances for its fevered dream style and insanely cool imagery.”

Justice Smith (Jurassic World Dominion) and Brigette Lundy-Paine (Bill & Ted Face the MusicBombshell) lead the cast of the upcoming horror movie.


Samuel Goldwyn Films is bringing director Hayley Easton Street’s shark attack movie Something in the Water to select theaters and VOD outlets at home on May 3.

In the upcoming aquatic horror movie, “An idyllic destination wedding turns into a battle for survival. The film follows Meg (Hiftu QuasemTen Percent), who tentatively attends the wedding of old friend Lizzie (Lauren LyleOutlander) in the Caribbean along with fellow pals Cam (Nicole Rieko SetsukoEavesdropping) and Ruth (Ellouise Shakespeare-HartOne Four Three), plus her former partner Kayla (Natalie Mitson, The Larkins) who she parted ways with after both survived a deeply traumatic event.”

Naturally, the wedding party is invaded by hungry sharks and all hell breaks loose.


Originally titled Horrorscope, Screen Gems is getting set to unleash Tarot in theaters on May 3, which has been rated PG-13 for “horror violence, terror and bloody images.”

When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings – never use someone else’s deck – they unknowingly unleash an unspeakable evil trapped within the cursed cards in the upcoming Screen Gems horror movie Tarot. One by one, they come face to face with fate and end up in a race against death to escape the future foretold in their readings.

Artist Trevor Henderson designed the eight monsters for this movie!

Larsen Thompson, Harriet Slater, Adain Bradley, Avantika and Jacob Batalon star. Tarot is written and directed by Spenser Cohen & Anna Halberg.

New Life Trailer Hayley Erin


From the producers of Something in the Dirt and The Mortuary Collection comes New Life, a tense thriller of apocalyptic proportions coming to theaters and On Demand May 3.

The feature debut by writer/director John Rosman stars Sonya Walger (“For All Mankind,” “Lost”), Hayley Erin (“Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”), and Tony Amendola (AnnabelleThe Curse of La Llorona).

New Life follows “a mysterious woman on the run (Hayley Erin) and the resourceful fixer assigned to bring her in (Sonya Walger). As their two stories inexorably link, the stakes of their pursuit rise to apocalyptic proportions.”


After being released exclusively in movie theaters this past January, the tricentennial-themed slasher movie Founders Day is headed home on May 7 courtesy of Dark Sky Films.

In this “bold political slasher” from the Bloomquist Brothers, a small town is shaken by a series of ominous killings in the days leading up to a heated mayoral election.

As accusations fly and the threat of a masked killer darkens every street corner, the residents must race to uncover the truth before fear consumes the town.

Erik Bloomquist directed Founders Day, written by Erik and Carson Bloomquist.

Devin Druid (13 Reasons Why), Emilia McCarthy (SkyMed), Amy Hargreaves (13 Reasons Why), Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things), William Russ (Boy Meets World), Naomi Grace (NCIS), Olivia Nikkanen (The Society), Jayce Bartok (When They See Us), Andrew Stewart Jones (Gotham), Tyler James White (The Villains of Valley View), Erik Bloomquist (Weekenders), Adam Weppler (Long Lost), Kate Edmonds (The Third Saturday in October), Dylan Slade, and Arun Cameron Storrs star.


A yoga influencer discovers just how flexible fear can be in Mind Body Spirit, a new found footage horror movie that Welcome Villain Films is bringing to Digital on May 7.

Matt Donato raved in his 4-star review, “Mind Body Spirit is a knockout horror session for the livestream era, which has me desperately waiting to see what its creators and stars do next.”

In Mind Body Spirit, “Anya, an aspiring yoga influencer, embarks on a ritual practice left behind by her estranged grandmother. She documents the practice on her YouTube channel for the world to watch, allowing her audience intimate access to her journey.

“But what starts as a spiritual self-help guide evolves into something much more sinister. As Anya becomes obsessed with the mysterious power of the practice, she unwittingly unleashes an otherworldly entity that begins to take control of her life – and her videos. Now Anya must race to unlock the truth, before her descent into madness threatens to consume her mind, body and spirit. By the time she reveals the true nature of the ritual, will it be too late?”

Mind Body Spirit was written and directed by Alex Henes & Matthew Merenda.

The upcoming horror film stars Sarah J. BartholomewMadi BreadyKJ FlahiveAnna Knigge, and Kristi Noory, and was produced by Dan Asma and Jesse McClung.

The Strangers Chapter 2


The first film in a new reboot trilogy from director Renny Harlin (A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Master, Deep Blue Sea), The Strangers: Chapter 1 hits theaters on May 17.

Madelaine Petsch (“Riverdale”), Froy Gutierrez (Hocus Pocus 2), Rachel Shenton (The Silent Child), Ema Horvath (“Rings of Power”) and Gabe Basso (Hillbilly Elegy) star.

Based on the original 2008 cult horror franchise, the project features Petsch, who drives cross-country with her longtime boyfriend (Gutierrez) to begin a new life in the Pacific Northwest. When their car breaks down in Venus, Oregon, they’re forced to spend the night in a secluded Airbnb, where they are terrorized from dusk till dawn by three masked strangers.

Here’s the full official synopsis: “After their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple are forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive.”

Renny Harlin (CliffhangerDeep Blue SeaDie Hard 2) is directing from a script by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland (The Freak BrothersDue Date). Lionsgate will distribute worldwide.


Shudder is bringing the 1994 Danish thriller Nightwatch and its just-announced surprise sequel Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever to their streaming service on Friday, May 17.

The sequel was written/directed by Nightwatch‘s creator, Ole Bornedal. Original cast members Kim Bodnia and Ulf Pilgaard, along with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, are back.

Here’s the official synopsis: “22-year-old medical student Emma (Fanny Leander Bornedal) has just taken a job as the night watch in the same forensic department where her parents were once almost killed by the famed psychopathic police inspector Wörmer. The events led to her mother’s suicide, and her father Martin (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has turned to tranquilizers to suppress the memories. Determined to investigate what exactly happened to them, Emma tracks down and confronts Wörmer, only to unintentionally reawaken his bloodthirst and ignite a violent revenge on everyone who sealed his destiny years ago.”


Director Quarxx (All the Gods in the Sky) explores the peculiar, welcoming all those hungry for wonder in Pandemonium, a unique cinematic blend of fantasy, drama, genre, and humor.

Pandemonium will be released on Blu-ray in the UK May 27 and the US & Canada May 28. It will also be streaming on ARROW in the UK/US/CA/IRE from May 27.

Arrow Video previews, “Pandemonium takes the viewer on a chilling journey as three interconnected stories unravel in this macabre exploration of tales depicting fallen souls. From the intricacies of everyday drama to the realms of supernatural intrigue, each narrative weaves a haunting tapestry that blurs the lines between the mortal and the supernatural.”

Nathan (Hugo Dillon) and Daniel (Arben Bajraktaraj) are caught in a road accident that kills them both. As they come to grips with their deaths, Nathan confronts his past and the consequences of his actions. Now trapped in the hellish void of Pandemonium, he encounters tortured souls like Jeanne (Manon Maindivide), a disturbed child; Julia (Ophélia Kolb), a grief-stricken mother; and Norghul (Jean Rousseau), the guide of the great void. Will he find a way to escape the torment that awaits him for eternity?

In A Violent Nature Review


One of the most talked about new horror movies at Sundance this year was In a Violent Nature, uniquely framing a classic slasher movie from the perspective of its undead killer.

IFC Films will release In a Violent Nature exclusively in theaters on May 31.

In the film, “When a locket is removed from a collapsed fire tower in the woods that entombs the rotting corpse of Johnny, a vengeful spirit spurred on by a horrific 60-year old crime, his body is resurrected and becomes hellbent on retrieving it. The undead golem hones in on the group of vacationing teens responsible for the theft and proceeds to methodically slaughter them one by one in his mission to get it back – along with anyone in his way.”

Chris Nash wrote and directed In a Violent Nature. Ry Barrett, Andrea Pavlovic, Cameron Love, Reece Presley, Liam Leone, Charlotte Creaghan, Lea Rose Sebastianis, Sam Roulston, Alexander Oliver, and Lauren Taylor star in the slasher film.

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‘The Ugly Stepsister’ – Cinderella’s Stepsister Elvira Gets Her Own Horror Movie

In the wake of horror movie Cinderella’s Revenge hitting theaters over the weekend, Variety reports that a horror movie centered on Cinderella’s stepsister is also coming soon.

The feature debut of filmmaker Emilie Blichfeldt, the film is titled The Ugly Stepsister, and Variety reports that Memento International is kicking off sales in Cannes this May.

Variety details, “Combining comedy and horror, the film is a daring and unexpected take on the world-famous tale, seen through the eyes of the Cinderella’s stepsister, Elvira.

“The gory film follows Elvira as she battles to compete with her insanely beautiful stepsister in a kingdom where beauty is a brutal business. She will go to any lengths to catch the prince’s eye.”

Lea Myren stars alongside Thea Sofie Loch Naess and Ane Dahl Torp.

“With this ‘beauty horror’ I want to seduce the audience into a “girl-dreaming-of-marrying-the-prince-fairytale,” before revealing its true and raw insides,” said director Emilie Blichfeldt. “It’s time the ugly stepsister’s story is lifted from the shadows of Cinderella, and cultivated as the iconic feminist narrative of the tyranny of beauty that it is.”

“It is highly contemporary in its exploration of what one is willing to do to meet society’s imposed beauty standards on women. Emilie is finally giving a voice to the underdog in a very entertaining way, allowing audiences worldwide to connect with her,” added Memento.

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