Will NBC Renew “Constantine” For a Second Season?

Will the Brujeria bring darkness to Constantine, or will NBC?  We’ll have to wait to see.  According to show co-creator, Daniel Cerone:  

So what do you think? Will John Constantine be back?  I’m kinda hoping that NBC moves the show to The CW so we can have Arrow/Flash/Constantine crossovers.  Just imagine what they could do there.

10 Horror Movies That Won Academy Awards

When I go to the movies, I don’t want to be asked to make moral decisions in my mind, taught a lesson (other than good always triumphs) or become emotionally involved with the characters I’m watching on the screen.  I want to forget my daily stressors and watch explosions, car chases, spacecraft, heck…even something scary.

So for those of us who go to see a movie with the full intent of escapism, watching the Academy Awards can be a drag.  Mostly because we’re faced with watching a roster of movies, while contain some artistic merit, wouldn’t be the first movie I would re-watch.

That said, the good folks over at Dread Central have compiled a list you might think improbable:  10 horror films that were not only nominated, but WON academy awards.


“Savaged” is now “Avenged”!

In 2013, a gruesome little revenge horror film made it’s way to a limited release.  “Savaged”, written and directed by Michael S. Ojeda will find it’s way to a re-release and a new, more appealing title.

The plot is somewhat akin to “The Crow”: an innocent deaf girl (is being deaf important to the protagonist’s character?  Not sure, but anyway) is brutally murdered by a gang of ne’re-do-wells who receive their comeuppance when the spirit of a Native American warrior’s spirit takes over her body and she’s out for revenge.

Look for a mid-2015 release.  Here’s the trailer with it’s former title.  Enjoy.