Iron Sky 2?! It’s a Go, if Crowdfunding Allows!

Oh hells yes.  Our favorite Nazis-are-still-around-and-have-a-secret-base-on-the-moon sequel looks like it’s a go.   Entitled Iron Sky – The Coming Race, this film not only brings back the spectacular inanity of the first marvelous film, but Hitler riding a dinosaur?  Just shut up and take our money.

You can donate to the cause here:–2

For those unfamiliar with the first film, Iron Sky, was the quaint little tale of a group of Nazis who, after being defeated near the end of the second World War, fled to the moon (as one does).  There, they build a space fleet and launched an attack on the Earth in 2008.

Acting?  Directing?  Special effects?  All cheesy.  But would you have it any other way?  Would you?!  Of course not.

You can view the original on Netflix.  Prepare your forehead for a barrage of smacks from the palm of your hand.

Here’s a trailer for the sure to be fabulous sequel.  Enjoy.

Poll: Which is the Best Friday the 13th Movie?

We can pretty much agree that the original Friday the 13th was the favorite, if not the best, of the Friday the 13th movies. Which is the next best isn’t as clear as the waters of Crystal Lake. So which is your favorite of all of the other movies? If you can’t remember the others, below the poll is the trailer of each of the movies. Even if you don’t take the poll, the trailers are a hoot and a nice passage down memory lane.

Which was your favorite Friday the 13th Movie (other than the original)?

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Friday the 13th Part 2:  

Friday the 13th Part III: 

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter:

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning:

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives:

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood:

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan:

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday:

Jason X:

Freddy vs. Jason:

Friday the 13th (2009):

5 Horror Movies We’re Psyched About in 2015 (with trailers)

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 

Release date:  March 13, 2015

A Paranormal Activity movie…in 3D?  Just take our money.  These P.A. movies, even with their faults, are widely popular and we’re okay with popular horror movies.  Popular means box office revenues, which prompt studios to invest in more chilling cinema.  The Paranormal Activity folks have a goldmine on their hands, and we’re happy to see their movies produced.






Release date: March 27, 2015

Another “found footage” film  in the horror sub genre, this looks very similar to “Blair Witch”.  For the most part we here at HU like these “found footage” movies.  Even the movies which aren’t very original.  Looks creepy, though.




Insidious Chapter 3

Release date: June 3, 2015

The first “Insidious” movie was hands-down the scariest movie we’d seen in a long, long time.  Edge of ourseat.  The sequel was awesome, but not quite as scary.  Probably because we knew what to expect going in.  That said, we’ll be there for number 3, ready to jump out of our chairs and hide in our popcorn.




Anger of the Dead

Release date:  2015, TBA

Based on the 2013 short film, this epidemic horror movie should prove to be a worthy part of the zombie canon.  Well, we’re hoping it will be.  The short movie was pretty decent!  Do we need another zombie movie?  Is the genre too saturated?  Maybe it is.  But we’re okay with that.



Crimson Peak

Release date: October 16, 2015

Guillermo del Toro?  Tom Hiddleston?  Yeah, we’re on board.  This period piece looks like it won’t be on the cutting edge of horror, but del Toro certainly crafts a fine tale.  We’re predicting that Crimson Peak will be on the same scale of scary as “The Others”.  Not terrifying, but spooky enough to draw in a good box office.



Leonard Nimoy, 83, has died

Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83Leonard Nimoy has passed on due to complications from C.O.P.D.  He was 83.  While best known for his role a “Spock” on Star Trek, he also had a great five season run on “In Search Of…”, a show that explored the paranormal.  One of my personal favorite television shows when I was growing up, Mr. Nimoy narrated the show that presented evidence and explored the mysteries of UFOs, ghosts, the Loch Ness monster, and my favorite, Bigfoot.

Mr. Nimoy also was an accomplished director, having helmed some of the most popular Star Trek movies as well as wider-appeal movies such as “Three Men and a Baby”.

Growing up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mr. Nimoy was a local hero who also narrated the introduction to the Museum of Science’s Mugar OmniMax theater.  The delight of hearing Mr. Nimoy’s distinctive voice still resonates with me to this day.

Mr. Nimoy did live a long and prosperous life, and will be missed.

Help Fund a Horror Movie!

Do you just dig crowd funding?  Want to be a “producer” for a horror movie?  Then, good reader, do we have a deal for you.  Astron-6’s upcoming film, The Void, needs some funding for the practical special effects.  Going through the crowd funding site Indiegogo, the creators pitch practical effects in favor of cheaper-looking CGI.  So we can help them create scary looking monsters!

Watch their pitch and get involved!–10 

10 Horror Movies That Won Academy Awards

When I go to the movies, I don’t want to be asked to make moral decisions in my mind, taught a lesson (other than good always triumphs) or become emotionally involved with the characters I’m watching on the screen.  I want to forget my daily stressors and watch explosions, car chases, spacecraft, heck…even something scary.

So for those of us who go to see a movie with the full intent of escapism, watching the Academy Awards can be a drag.  Mostly because we’re faced with watching a roster of movies, while contain some artistic merit, wouldn’t be the first movie I would re-watch.

That said, the good folks over at Dread Central have compiled a list you might think improbable:  10 horror films that were not only nominated, but WON academy awards.


“Savaged” is now “Avenged”!

In 2013, a gruesome little revenge horror film made it’s way to a limited release.  “Savaged”, written and directed by Michael S. Ojeda will find it’s way to a re-release and a new, more appealing title.

The plot is somewhat akin to “The Crow”: an innocent deaf girl (is being deaf important to the protagonist’s character?  Not sure, but anyway) is brutally murdered by a gang of ne’re-do-wells who receive their comeuppance when the spirit of a Native American warrior’s spirit takes over her body and she’s out for revenge.

Look for a mid-2015 release.  Here’s the trailer with it’s former title.  Enjoy.